Features and Benefits

For layers of 3 - 30 mm in one single application


  • Excellent self-levelling properties
  • Resistant to castors
  • Suitable for joint-free heated floors
  • Not suitable as a weraing surface
  • Environmentally compatible

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Ceresit DG self-levelling compound is used for levelling horizontal concrete, cement-sand, sand asphalt and other (mineral) substrates, including heated ones. The compound is applied as a substrate for floor coverings in dry indoor areas. Do not apply Ceresit DG in layers exceeding 3 to 30 mm per application. When a layer thickness of 30 to 80 mm is required, mix Ceresit DG with 30% aggregate (sand). Do not use Ceresit DG for producing industrial floors. Only for indoor use.

Step by step

Step 1

Basis shall be solid, thick, clean and dry, without any visible damages See more details for the preparation of the substrate in the Technical Data Sheet.

Step 2

Dry mixture is to be tempered with exact amount of clean cold water (+15 to +20 °C) – 5.5 l to 6.0 l per 25 kg of dry mixture. Dry mixture is gradually poured in water and stirred to a smooth paste without balls with the help of a low speed stirrer.

Step 3

Then a 3 min technological break is to be done for preliminary maturing of the mixture and stir it again.  The surface of the freshly-poured mixture is to be rolled with a needled-roller for  removing air bubbles. Turbo-pump or screw pumps might be used for mixture pouring


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