Features and Benefits

Self-smoothing levelling compound in layers of 2 to 20 mm


  • ensures a smooth and homogeneous surface
  • shrinkage free
  • crack free
  • Pumpable
  • suitable for mechanical application
  • suitable for application on heated floors
  • only for indoor applications - dry surfaces

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For levelling and smoothing calcium sulphate, magnesite, mastic asphalt and fast-setting screeds as well as cementbased surfaces. Also for levelling screed layers in old buildings. CN 68 can be applied in layers of up to 20 mm to obtain a perfectly level surface prior to installing carpets, laminate flooring, PVC sheeting, linoleum or ceramic tiles. Use on plastic or metal substrates is not recommended.

Step by step

Step 1

The substrates must be clean, crack-free, sound, dry, free of substances that may impair adhesion and must comply with the current relevant local standards.

Step 2

Mix CN 68 with clean, clear water (amount: see Technical Data). Stir with an electric drill and agitator attachment at approx. 600 rpm until the mixture is completely free of lumps.

Step 3

Pour the levelling compound on the floor and spread it with a broom, smoothing trowel or squeegee. Afterwards use a spiked roller to release any entrapped air. If mixed in batches, apply the batches immediately wet-in-wet.


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