Features and Benefits

Gypsum based rendering skim coat for filling defects on wall and ceiling surfaces, and for skimming surfaces finished with paint coats and wallpapers


  • Machine application possible
  • Easy to grind
  • Layer thickness up to 10 mm
  • Vapor permeable
  • With increased water retention
  • Good adhesion 
  • Surfaces finished with the coat can be painted with any kind of paint

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Ceresit IN 35 gyspum-based rendering skim coat is perfectly suitable for filling cracks, scratches and cavities on wall and ceiling surfaces. Thanks to 1nSure technology the material also enables to achieve smooth and durable surface which is suitable to be used under any types of paint coats. In addition, the material forms a solid and stable substrate for papering. 

How to apply

Step 1

See more details for the substrate preparation of the product in the Technical Data Sheet. The content of the package should be poured to a precisely measured amount of clean, cool water and stirred using a drill with a mixer until it forms a homogeneous mixture, free of lumps.

Step 2

Leave for approximately 5 min. and then stir the mixture again. If necessary, increase the quantity of water by approximatly 3% for a package and mix again. 

Step 3

When patching larger areas, the material can be applied in multiple thin layers or in a single, thicker layer. After application, the material shall be smoothed using a wide stainless steel fl oat and left to dry. After the initial hardening of the material, the surface is ready for smoothing with sandpaper or a grinding mesh and a so-called giraffe grinder.