Features and Benefits

Clinker mortar

Cement mortar for brick-laying and pointing clinker elements inside and outside


  • Decreases the possibility of salt efflorescence
  • Contains trass
  • Frost- and water-resistant
  • Vapour permeable
  • Amount required: approx. 2.0 kg / dm2

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For brick-laying and pointing load-bearing, foundation and facade walls, chimneys, fences, elements of small architecture made of clinker bricks. Additive of trass improves the workability and reduces the salt efflorescence. Can also be used for pointing clinker tiles up to 30 mm thickness.

Step by step

Substrate preparation

CT 32 adheres to all solid, load-bearing, clean, dry and moist substrates free of substances which may impair adhesion. The surface must have a rough, open-pored structure. Pre-wet concrete, cement screed, cement plaster and brickwork so that they are no longer absorbent.


Sprinkle CT 32 into clean, clear water and stir until completely free of lumps. Observe the following mixing ratio: 1 part by volume of water to approx. 4 parts by volume of mortar or approx. 0.75 to 0.9 l of water for 5 kg of CT 32. Apply CT 32 within about 20 minutes and, if required, texture the surface. Protect the mortar against too rapid drying. CT 25 fine filler can be applied after only a few hours. Wait at least 5 days before applying paints and coatings.