Features and Benefits

Rapid assembly mortar

Mortar for indoor and outdoor use for rapid anchoring, fixing and temporary sealing spot water leaks


  • Rapid setting – cured in 5 minutes
  • High strength
  • For fixing metal and plastic elements
  • Shrink free
  • Water and frost resistant
  • Chloride free - does not cause corrosion of metal elemets

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Ceresit CX 5 EXPRESS is a universal fast-setting mortar for quick, easy and strong fixing and assembling with perfect consistency both for horizontal and vertical surfaces. It is also water and frost resistant, so it is a safe solution for indoor and outdoor applications.

Ceresit CX 5 EXPRESS can be used to:

  • Embed, fix and anchor fast of any kind in concrete, cement-bond plasters, brickwork and screeds e.g. anchors, hooks connectors, hinges, elements of electrical installations (junction and outlets boxes), guide strips of corner slats, installation elements (passage pipes, brackets),
  • Fill fast assembly holes and small defects in anchor points and steel elements
  • Fill fast locally damage concrete surfaces as nicked steps, corners, screeds – where stopping traffic is kept to minimum
  • Reprofile fast concrete surfaces e.g. cove inner corners between foundation base and walls
  • Seal temporary of spot water leaks e.g. prior to concrete repair or waterproofing work in concrete tanks or ceramic drainage repair.

Step by step

Substrate preparation


Ceresit CX 20 COMFORT mortar can be applied on compact, load-bearing and clean substrates free of substances that reduce adhesion, such as: fats, bitumen, dust. The substrate should be forged or drilled with a mounting hole of min. 5 mm larger than the embedded element. In the case of larger cavities, the gap should be disassembled in the so-called swallow tail.


Before application, the substrate should be moistened abundantly with water. Apply the material on matte-moist substrates. In the case of reconstruction of damaged elements, it is recommended to apply the mortar to the substrate with a hard brush and then apply the material “fresh on fresh” in one technological cycle.



Example: Reconstruction of damaged concrete stairs with CX 20 COMFORT

  1. Check production date and all technical requirements and prepare the right amount of CX 5 EXPRESS.
  2. Do all the preparation for element fixing before CX 5 EXPRESS is mixed with water - set the element in the correct position.
  3. Measure the amount of water needed and pour into the bucket for mixing.
  4. Pour the specific amount of CX 5 EXPRESS into the water
  5. Stir until homogenous without lumps (approx. 30 s.)
  6. Assemble element with CX 5 EXPRESS to prewetted substrate immediately after mixing
  7. Mortar will set very quickly – make sure to provide proper levelling and stability of bonding