Features and Benefits

Multi-purpose, low-odour, water-based
silicone sealant for repair and sealing work


  • Multi-purpose waterbased silicone sealant
  • Adheres to most common building substrates
  • UV- and weather-resistant
  • Indoor and outdoor use

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For repairing small holes and cracks found in


  • roof tiles,
  • gutters,
  • wall areas,
  • water drains,
  • roof windows and hatches,
  • dormers,
  • balconies and terraces.

Adheres to almost all building materials.
Not suitable e.g. for use on PE, PP, PTFE, bitumen, copper and for underwater use.
Due to the great number of possible applications, it is necessary to carry out preliminary tests.

Step by step

Substrate preparation

Substrates must be load-bearing, clean and free from dust and fat. Remove any loose or porous material.


Apply the sealant, dip the smoothing tool (dry spatula) into clean water and smoothen the sealant before a skin begins to form. Can be smoothed within 10 minutes, but always use clean water. Low temperatures delay the curing process. Use the sealant in well-ventilated areas to ensure optimum drying conditions. Corrections are easily possible while the sealant is still fresh. The required amount depends on the dimensions of the joints. Immediately after application clean the tools with clean water and the hands with water and soap. Store the product in a cool, dry and frost-free place.