Ceretherm Aero Wool

Most breathable and non flammable insulation

Advanced insulation system, delivering the most breathable insulation with the highest fire resistance class. The facade will be highly vapour permeable and resistant to biological contamination.



  • Super breathable
  • Highly vapour permeable
  • Non flammable - highest fire resistance class A2-s1,d0
  • Highly resistant to biological contamination like fungi and algae
  • Low water uptake
  • Flexible and durable
  • Excellent application parameter
  • Certification: ETA Ceresit Ceretherm Wool Classic

Recommended for:

High buildings and those ones where highest fire resistance class is needed (public buildings) and buildings located close to forests, parks and humid areas, with high risk of biological contamination by algae and fungi.

1. Fixing

Ceresit CT 180 MW Strong Fix Adhesive Mortar for Mineral Wool or Ceresit CT 190 MW Flex Adhesive and Reinforcing Mortar for Mineral Wool, anchors with a steel core classified as ETAG 014, number of fasteners and their arrangement should be determined by an architect, based on the substrate analysis and load calculations

2. Insulation material

Mineral wool boards or lamella classified as EN 13162, with thickness up to 36 cm

3. Reinforced layer

Ceresit CT 190 MW Flex Adhesive and Reinforcing Mortar for Mineral Wool and Ceresit CT 325 glass fibre mesh

4. Priming paint*

Ceresit CT 15 Priming paint

5. Plaster*

Ceresit CT 72, CT 73 Silicate Aero silicate plasters

6. Paint

Ceresit CT 54 Silicate Aero silicate paint


* Alternative Ceresit plasters: CT 35, CT 137 Mineral Dry mineral plasters with priming paint CT 16

Supported by technologies:

Design and colouristic pallets: