Concrete and reinforced concrete are considered to be the most popular and reliable building materials of our time. Concrete producers claim that under the right conditions their products can have an infinite lifetime. However, various environmental effects (e.g. rain, frost or airborne chemical substances), combined with poor concrete quality and structural defects, over time can cause severe damage to the concrete structure. This damage, though, can be successfully repaired.

Ceresit PCC (Polymer Cement Concrete) system which features the following main advantages:

  • Compatibility with concrete of lower compressive strengths – above C12/15 (B15)
  • Very good workability
  • Time-saving application – fresh-in-fresh or short waiting times between the application of different products

Based on its many years of experience and technical expertise with plasters, mortars, concrete protection and waterproofing materials, Ceresit developed a PCC concrete repair system compatible with concrete classes of at least C12/15 (B15).

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