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ct 84 plus fast and easy thermal insulation

ct 84 express plus - the fastest and the easiest way to get work done!

Now, even more versatile, the new CT 84 EXPRESS PLUS it’s suitable both for EPS and Mineral Wool boards. In the same time, low temperatures cease to be a problem, as the new formulation can be applied up to -10°C. It’s time to change from traditional solutions to the new CT 84 EXPRESS PLUS.

plus benefits

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Now also suitable for Mineral Wool

Application in most demanding conditions (up to -10°C)

global tds ceresit cn69 nivel super

Long term quality due to new generation valve

ct 84 new benefits

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other benefits

100% more yield than traditional cement adhesives.
CT 84 is extremely efficient: 1 tin covers 10 m² of foam polystyrene, while a 25 kg bag of cement adhesive only does 5 m².

15% higher adhesive strength than traditional cement adhesives. Adhesion to mineral substrates, wood, metals and plastics is better and binding is definitely faster.

Anchoring already after ca. 2 h speeding up thermal insulation work. It is possible to apply adhesive, insert anchors and place the reinforced layer during the same day.

Low expansion preventing unwanted deformations. Expansion process of CT 84 is very fast and its voluminous effect is very limited, after fixing the panels to the facade, adhesive does not expand any more.

Perfect for “warming to warming” system because of light weight: 1 m² of expanded polystyrene board fixed with CT 84 adhesive weighs 100 g, instead of 5 kg in case of cement adhesives.

Enhanced thermal insulation properties. CT 84, unlike traditional cement adhesives, has thermal insulation properties similar to foamed polystyrene or wool, making the insulation more effective.

High homogeneity of adhesive. Metal ball present inside every tin of CT 84 protects the adhesive against too large air bubbles, so the product stays effective and comfortable to use.

how to apply

step 1

Cleaning Grout Mosaic

Prior to fixing EPS or MW boards, fix the start strips.

step 2

Grouting Large Tile Floor

Fix the insulation boards.

step 3

CM16 CM17 with FF

Apply the PU-adhesive.

scope of use

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Fixing expanded polystyrene (EPS) and Mineral Wool (MW) boards in external thermal insulation Ceresit Ceretherm Express system.

Craftsman with Tools

Filling in glue in case of keying panels in the existing thermal insulation.

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Fixing expanded polystyrene boards in case of “warming to warming” system.

cement adhesive vs ceresit ct 84 express plus

Grouting CE89 Comp. B
CM 17 Flex video USP

Cost saving in labour

Cost saving in time

Cost saving in transport

Cost saving in storage

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Lower cost of application of the whole thermal insulation system!

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