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Bonding heavy-duty rubber flooring on damp concrete

Floors in industrial and commercial buildings are always subject to heavy-duty service conditions. If high or even extreme loads and stresses can be expected, rubber flooring is the product of choice. But even this material can only produce the desired results if the substrate has been properly prepared to meet the expected demands. Ceresit's rubber bonding system for industrial applications has been designed to meet these specific demands. It consists of products have been tried and tested in practice, including a special polyurethane adhesive. Reliable bonding of the components – with each other and with the substrate – even on concrete floors with high residual moisture.


Substrate preparation

Mechanically clean the concrete floor (preferably by sanding or shotblasting), vacuum and pretreat it with R 755 Epoxy Safety Primer for difficult subfloors and heavyduty service. Apply two coats to seal the surface against high residual moisture. Finally sprinkle with quartz sand.

Floor levelling

Level the subfloor with XXL XPRESS Rapid Levelling Compound.

Installation of flooring

Finally bond the rubber flooring with R 710 Polyurethane (PU) Adhesive.

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