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Flooring Systems

System Solutions

Here, you'll find a selection of our system solutions. All of them are based on our company's extensive research and development activities. The products behind these systems have been carefully designed to fit into a floor installation system – without disturbing interaction. In addition, they have been certified as eco-friendly and are also recommended by major manufacturers of flooring and floor heating systems to ensure a 100% perfect result. Systems, you can put your trust in. For sure.

  • System Solutions
  • Standard carpet bonding on absorbent substrates
  • Anti-slip system for carpet tiles
  • New textile on old PVC flooring
  • PVC standard system for bonding pvc on cement screeds with excessive residual moisture
  • Standard system for polyolefin bonding
  • Safe system for bonding rubber on absorbent substrates
  • Bonding linoleum on absorbent substrates
  • Rapid renovation system - PVC on PVC
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