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Conductive system for PVC flooring



Substrate preparation

Grind and vacuum off the substrate. Pretreat it with R 777 Dispersion Primer or R 766 Multi-Purpose Primer (for absorbent and non-absorbent substrates).

Floor levelling

Produce a level surface by applying DX Universal Levelling Compound.

Conductive Layer

For PVC tiles glue one copper strip in the middle of each tile row on the substrate, for PVC sheets one strip in the middle lengthwise beneath each sheet. Finally connect all parallel strips by installing a copperstrip in 90 degree crosswise, e.g. close to the end. Two crosswise installed strips are necessarry for rooms up to 40m², for bigger rooms proportionately more. They have to be long enough to allow the connection to ground potential by an electrician.

Installation of flooring

Use the high-strength K 112 Special Conductive Adhesive for bonding conductive PVC and rubber flooring.

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