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Dry construction system

When refurbishing an old building or converting an attic, there is often little or no time for proper drying of the substrates. In addition, it is often necessary to level out extreme differences in height and to integrate service ducts into the floor structure. Here, dry screed elements based on cement or calcium sulfate can be used to form the load-bearing substrate. The benefits: no residual moisture and zero drying time. On top, you can bond engineered wood flooring, using the elastic adhesive P 675 Elast or P 685 Elast Universal. This helps diminish shear forces and permanently prevents development of tensile stresses in the subfloor.


Substrate preparation

Dry screed elements or calcium sulphate screeds form the load-bearing substrate. No need for applying a primer or levelling compound.

Installation of flooring

Apply the water- and solvent-free P 675 Elast or P 685 Elast Universal directly on the cleaned substrate before covering it with engineered wood flooring.

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