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Hardwood flooring on cement screed

Today, elastic bonding is state of the art in wood floor bonding. It helps diminish shear forces and durably prevents the development of tensile stresses in the substrate – over the whole product life cycle. The choice of hardwood very much depends on the client's taste and the availability of flooring in the respective country or region.


Substrate preparation

Clean the cement screed and bind any residual dust by priming the substrate with R 777 Dispersion Primer. Alternatively, use R 766 Multi-Purpose Primer: it is highly concentrated and therefore ensures a high yield. It is suitable for many applications, dries fast and can also be used under wood flooring.

Installation of flooring

Our P 625 2C PUR Adhesive is suitable for all types of wood flooring - no exceptions. When using our state-of-the-art P 685 Elast Universal, a hard-elastic adhesive for all types of wood flooring, you can benefit from very convenient application properties. Additional benefit: You can save yourself the priming step, because a primer is no longer required when using an elastic adhesive (exception: if moisture or plasticizer barrier is not needed).

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