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Modern wood flooring on cement screeds

The choice of wood flooring very much depends on the client's taste and the availability of suitable flooring in the respective country or region. 22 mm thick strip flooring, for instance, is relatively easy to install as any tension will be automatically absorbed by the installation pattern.


Substrate preparation

Mechanically clean absorbent concrete floors, cement and anhydrite screeds, and prime with R 766 Multi- Purpose Primer. On absorbent substrates, dilute R 766 with water at a ratio of 1:4 and apply a uniform coat using a lambskin roller. Porous and therefore very absorbent substrates may require a second coat after the first one has dried. On concrete floors and non-absorbent substrates, dilute R 766 1:1 with water before applying a thin coat with a lambskin roller.

Floor levelling

Apply DX Universal Levelling Compound, a selflevelling, pumpable product with high-strength product.

Installation of flooring

Choose from our adhesive range for solid wood flooring. If you prefer the traditional way of installation, go for P 600, a solvent-based synthetic resin adhesive. If a water- and solvent-free adhesive is required, choose our our hard-elastic adhesive P 625 2C PUR or the soft-elastic P 685 Elast Universal.

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