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PVC standard system for bonding pvc on cement screeds with excessive residual moisture

Thanks to its long working time, K 188 E Special Adhesive Extra allows the floor layer to exploit the full creative potential, for example by installing luxury vinyl flooring by Amtico. Reliable bonding is ensured by extra strong tack. Protection against substrate moisture is guaranteed by a long-time proven method: a barrier layer produced with a 2-component epoxy resin.


Substrate preparation

Produce a moisture barrier with two coats of R 755 Epoxy Safety Primer, then cover the second coat with a quartz sand sprinkling.

Floor levelling

Prepare the substrate for the installation of flooring by applying a layer of DX Universal Levelling Compound.

Installation of flooring

Bond the PVC flooring with K 188 E Special Adhesive. It features extra strong tack, excellent wetting even with difficult flooring and is suitable for wet, pressure-sensitive and contact bonding. K 188 E is also very economical in use.

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