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Rapid renovation system - PVC on PVC

Remove the worn PVC flooring, clean off adhesive residues, brush and vacuum off the substrate, apply a new priming and levelling coat. All of these steps cost time and money - and let's not forget the loss of use for the client and the cost of disposing the old materials. With Ceresit's rapid renovation system PVC -on-PVC, your renovation project will be more cost-effective and less time-consuming. For a simple reason: The old PVC flooring – after proper preparation – is used as a substrate for the new flooring. One vapor-tight layer bonded on top of another – yes, it really works! And it's also resistant to castor traffic.


Substrate preparation

Check if the old PVC flooring is ready for covering. Where necessary, re-bond any loose flooring and clean the surface thoroughly with a Basic Intensive Cleaner for waterproof flooring (can be used with cleaning machines).

Installation of flooring

Apply K 188 E Special Adhesive Extra with a notched trowel or roller.

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