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Safe system for bonding rubber on absorbent substrates

Rubber flooring is modern and therefore much in demand, because it is versatile, environmentally friendly and robust. Rubber tiles are often used in industrial areas and this makes high demands on the adhesive: it needs to be dimensionally stable, highly resistant to shear forces and must offer durable resistance to peeling. Rubber floor safety system has been designed to take all the wear and tear such buildings are exposed to. At the same time, it meets today's requirements of occupational safety and environmental protection.


Substrate preparation

Clean the screed and prime it with R 777 Dispersion Primer or with R 766 Multi-Purpose Primer.

Floor levelling

Produce a level subfloor with DX Universal Levelling Compound.

Installation of flooring

Bond the rubber tiles with K 150 Rubber and PVC Flooring Adhesive.

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