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Standard system for polyolefin bonding

PVC-free flooring based on polyolefins is sensitive to temperature and moisture changes during its installation. Optimum climatic conditions with a temperature of 18 °C and approx. 50 to 65 % air humidity therefore ensure best results. Practical experience has shown that K188 E Special Adhesive Extra, with its broad application range and excellent property profile (extra strong tack, long working time), covers all foreseeable risks.


Substrate preparation

Clean the cement screed and bind any residual dust by priming the substrate with R 777 Dispersion Primer. Instead of R 777, it is also possible to use R 766 Multi-Purpose Primer: it is highly concentrated and therefore ensures a high yield. It is suitable for many applications, dries fast and can also be applied under wood flooring.

Floor levelling

After priming, use DX Universal Levelling Compound to produce a level surface.

Installation of flooring

Use the powerful K 188 E Special Adhesive Extra to ensure a strong bond.

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