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Wood floor sealing system on damp concrete floors

Raw concrete floors always hold a significant risk of faulty workmanship and the resulting liability for defects. Ceresit's sealing system ensures proper substrate preparation before installing the flooring. The well-matched components have been designed to combat moisture and protect against claims arising from faulty workmanship.


Substrate preparation

Prime the substrate with two coats of R 755 Epoxy Safety Primer for difficult subfloors and heavy-duty service as a precaution against residual moisture and rising damp. Sprinkle dry quartz sand (grain size 0.3- 0.7 mm) over the freshly primed substrate. When installing a damp course, sprinkle sand only on the second priming coat.

Floor levelling

Use XXL XPRESS Rapid Levelling Compound to produce a level substrate – 0.5 to 20 mm in a single operation.

Installation of flooring

Use P 618 Dispersion Wood Flooring Adhesive for bonding solid and engineered wood flooring as well as wood block. Use P 625 2C PUR Adhesive for solid and engineered wood flooring, wood block and laminate floors or P 685.

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