Features and Benefits

Cement based plaster for repair and smoothing mineral substrates indoor and outdoor


  • High adhesion to mineral substrates
  • Reinforced by micro fiber
  • Vapour permeable and atmospheric resistant
  • For indoor and outdoor use
  • Ecologically safe

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For repair and levelling of cement-lime and cement-sand plasters, concrete and brickwork on walls and ceilings inside and outside of buildings. Ceresit CT 29 is used to fill deep hollows, cracks, sections of damaged bonding plaster and also for one layer levelling of surfaces and applying plaster with thickness of layer of maximum 20 mm, upon one passage. Ceresit CT 29 should not be used for repair of cement or concrete bases on floors.

How to apply

Step 1

Dirt and layers of low strength should be completely removed. The substrates of low absorption and non-homogenous ones should be properly moistened with water. The substrate should be moist but not wet. 

Step 2

Mix with water until an homogeneous mass without lumps is obtained. The filler should be applied and smoothed with the metal long float. When the material becomes thicker it may be structured with the felt or Styrofoam long float.

Step 3

CT 29 should be mixed with a smaller amount of water to fill deep losses. One should apply the filler with the normal consistency to smooth the surface when the previously filled losses have dried.