Features and Benefits

Cleaning agent for fresh PU foam


  • Powerful solvent!
  • Excellent cleansing properties
  • Quick-drying

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CERESIT CLEANER TS100 is a special acetone based solvent for removing fresh uncured PU foam stains as well as unwanted stains of adhesives or paints, from smooth surfaces. It is easily usable and applicable. Cleaner has excellent cleansing properties and is considered highly essential for immediate out- and inside cleaning of PU foam applicator guns after their use.

Step by step



Ceresit Cleaner TS 100 can not be used to clean cured foam! The cleaner can damage the lacquered or painted surfaces, textiles and plastics! Avoid spraying on spotless surfaces. Powerful solvent!

Cleaning fresh PU foam spots


Put the actuator on the valve and spray on the spots where you wish the fresh PU foam to be removed. Allow the solvent to act for a while before removing it with a dry cloth.

Cleaning PU foam applicator


For inside cleaning screw the container on the can by holding the gun handle with one hand and turning the container with the other hand. Only after connection turn the container together with the applicator gun into working position e.g upside down. Spray the cleaning agent through the gun by pressing gun trigger until the  liquid escaping the applicator tip is clear. Let the cleaner act for a short while and spray again. Clean the screw thread as well.

PU foam applicator cleaning tips


Cleaning of the dispensing gun is necessary if:

  • Difficulties have been experienced while using a gun
  • Gun has not been used for more than 1 month
  • After removing the can from the gun without replacing it with a new can


Additionally it is highly recommended to clean the gun regularly after 2 – 3 months of using time, as this will guarantee long life and functioning without problems for the gun.