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  • Epoxy The Grout Revolution
    Epoxy The Grout Revolution

    Express yourself with astonishing color effects of the most resistant grout. 

  • Hydroslide

    Prevent damage of concrete by using waterproofing slurries for immediate water-repellent effect. 

  • Boost Color

    Durability for your facade with rich & vivid colors. 

  • CE 40 Color Perfect

    We do everything to show our love of colors in our grouts. Perfect to work and live with. 

  • Fibre Force
    Fibre Force

    Meet innovations from Ceresit based on fibres, providing great strength and flexibility. 

  • Polymer Plasters
    Polymer Plasters

    Faster. Stronger. Easier. 

  • CT 17 PROFI Primer
    CT 17 PROFI Primer

    Deep penetrating, fast drying primer for surface strengthening of all absorbent substrates. 

  • CT 16 Priming Paint
    CT 16 Priming Paint

    Fast drying priming paint bridges the reinforced layer with the plaster, strengthening the whole system. 

  • Double Dry technology
    Double Dry technology

    Silicone plasters work as invisible protective cover and let facade remain intact for a long time. 

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