Features and Benefits

For making a reinforcing layer with glass fibre mesh on Expanded Polystyrene boards (EPS), with ETICS building insulation


  • extremely flexible
  • fibre-reinforced
  • resistant to extreme mechanical loads and thermal stresses
  • joins cracks
  • resistant to climatic conditions
  • highly hydrophobic
  • does not require the use of a primer before plaster application
  • possibility of adhesion on difficult surfaces
  • possibility of tinning in mass
  • possibility of machine application
  • excellent working parameters

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Ceresit CT 100 mortar is a ready to use compound for making a reinforced layer while insulating the external walls of buildings with the use of EPS. It is a component of Ceresit Ceretherm Impactum, a complex insulation system (ETICS) for external walls of buildings. It can also be used for fi xing damaged or cracked existing insulation systems. CT 100 compound is used for applying highly fl exible and impact resistant protective reinforced layer while insulating newly constructed buildings and buildings for which thermal efficiency is being improved. CT 100 is additionally fi bre-reinforced, which increases its impact resistance (as a part of the system, it reaches resistance of more than 100 J) and eliminates scores and cracks. The use of CT 100 allows for elimination of the process of priming with priming paint before application of Ceresit plasters. There is a possibility of tinting the compound with Ceresit pigments. Owning to the unique formulation, the mortar has a more malleable, light and homogeneous consistency. It is easier to mix, apply and spread, which translates into a working comfort and decrease of its consumption in relation to cement-base mortars. It can be used for gluing and application of a putty layer on XPS and EPS boards. It can also be used for gluing of insulation boards on unusual surfaces, such as: steel, glass or ceramics. In case of fi xing to OSB or plywood, it is necessary to prime the surface beforehand with Ceresit CT 16 or Ceresit CN 94 and to install an additional mechanical mounting.


Step By Step

CT 100 compound is ready to use. Before starting work, it should be mixed until homogeneous consistency is achieved. If necessary, 1% of water can be added to achieve the necessary consistency. Mixed mortar should be spread evenly on the surface of the boards with the use of a notched trowel, with 6-8 mm notches. The fibre glass mesh is immediately spread on the prepared layer and embedded with the use of a metal spreader and smoothed down. While doing this, a reserve of about 10 cm of the adjacent strips of mesh should be maintained.

In case of application of the compound with the use of double layer of the fi bre glass mesh or a combination of a regular and reinforced mesh, embedding of the subsequent meshes should be performed with the wet on wet method with an appropriate increase of the thickness of the putty layer. In the case of a combination of meshes, in order to achieve better parameters of the system, the panzer reinforced mesh should be embedded first.

24 hours after the application the subsequent compound blinding layer, about 1 mm thick, can be applied in order to balance and smooth down the surface and completely embed the mesh in the compound layer. Correctly embedded fi bre glass mesh should be invisible and completely embedded in the adhesive mortar.