Features and Benefits

For fixing Expanded Polystyrene boards, XPS and mineral wool boards as well as for applying a thin reinforced layer for thermal insulation of buildings by means of ETICS


  • universal, 4 in 1 
  • flexible and durable 
  • strengthened with unique combination of fibres 
  • vapour permeable and with good adhesion 
  • resistant to weather conditions 
  • possibility of machine application

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Ceresit CT 80 mortar is designed as an element of external thermal insulation composite Ceresit Ceretherm system of the building walls, using EPS, XPS or facade mineral wool. CT 80 mortar is used as adhesive for EPS, XPS or mineral wool and for applying the reinforcing protection layer on insulation of newly constructed objects as well as older buildings to be thermo-renovated. Ceresit CT 80 thanks to the use of specially selected combination of fi - bres (Fibre Force Technology), strengthens the resistance of insulation system to damage, cracks and scratches.