• Ready to use tile adhesive: just open the bucket and start applying
  • Dust free for a clean environment
  • For easy application of ceramic, pocerlaine & natural stones
  • Extended open time for easy applications
  • Perfect for wall application with non-slip properties

How to use the product

  • Before use, mix the adhesive thoroughly in the original container to achieve creamy consistency (Optional).
  • Use a suitable notch trowel for application (max. 8mm). Apply Ceresit Easy Fix using the thin-bed method with adhesive covering of min 65% of the backside of the tile.
  • First apply with the flat side of the trowel to get a contact layer, then use the notch side 
  • Please take care about skin formation when fixing the tile.
  • Remove excess adhesive with water while still fresh; use dispersion paint remover for hardened material.
  • Grouting is possible after 24 - 48 hours depending on the substrate.

Tile adhesives classification

Quality of tile adhesives is regulated by a number of European standards. These make sure that key characteristics of the product meet the minimum requirements.

Three types of adhesives are distinguished based on EN 12004 in terms of:

  • Cementitious = C1&C2
  • Reaction = R1&R2
  • Dispersion = D1&D2

Ceresit Easy Fix fulfills D2TE norm