Features and Benefits

Two-component chemical-resistant epoxy mortar for installation and grouting of tiles and mosaics with joint width 1 to 15 mm. Perfect for mosaics and exclusive places.


With Quartz Power Technology, which enables easiness, strength and color stability.


  • UV and weather resistant
  • Stable and uniform colors
  • Easy application and cleaning as cementitious grouts
  • No color pigment leakage and no cracks
  • Excellent chemical and mechanical resistance
  • Suitable for food contact
  • Available in 13 colors

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Ceresit CE 89 UltraEpoxy Premium with Quartz Power Technology offers easy application, strong bonding and extreme resistance. Suited for grouting floor and wall tiles in bathrooms, showers, swimming pools, spas and hammams. It is also recommended for terraces and balconies, kitchen countertops and is suited for drinking water and food processing applications. 


Thanks to the new QUARTZ POWER, the grout has a smooth, creamy consistency and can therefore be applied quickly, efficiently and with little effort. 


Ceresit CE 89 UltraEpoxy Premium is available in 13 colors and can be mixed with 4 types of decorative additives to create incredible Special Effects in the grouts: CE 52 Silver Dust, CE 53 Silver Glow, CE 54 Gold and CE 55 Neon*. Can be mixed with all the CE89 colors available. CE 55 Neon* can be mixed with Pearl Gray, Jasmine, Toffi, Saphire Blue and Moonstone Blue.

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    Step by step

    Step 1- Mixing

    Add the content of the bottle B (hardener) to component A (resin) in the bucket and mix with a low speed electric drill and stirrer until the mixture is completely free of lumps.

    Step 2 - Application as a tile adhesive

    Ceresit ULTRAEPOXY is applied directly from the mixing container and spread with a notch trowel in the same easy way as cementitious material.

    Step 3 - Application as a grout

    Apply the mixed compound with an epoxy grout float into the clean, dry joints. Make sure the joints are filled without any voids. Afterwards remove any excess material by skimming it diagonally off the tile surface with the grout float.

    Step 4 - Cleaning and finishing

    The grout work must be cleaned and finished while the product is still wet. Use a common wet sponge with any water temperature.

    Step 5 - Cleaning with EpoxyCleaN

    For the easy removal of any stains or residues left 24h after the use of Ceresit ULTRAEPOXY, use Ceresit CE 51 EpoxyClean as a special cleaner.

    Application Video