Ceresit CE 60 Ready-To-Use Fuga

Features and Benefits

One-component ready-to-use polymer grout for joints up to 6 mm wide


  • Ready-to-use straight out of the bucket
  • 100% colour stability
  • Exceptional stain resistance
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Resistant to UV light
  • Washing and profiling immediately after application
  • Suitable for all indoor applications and types of tiles
  • Reusable

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Ceresit CE 60 is a high quality ready-to-use grout for joints up to 6 mm in width. Due to its one-component-formula based on polymer, its application is exceedingly easy. It can be washed and formed immediately upon use.

CE 60 works perfectly with a wide variety of tiles – from mosaics to large formats. Its high elasticity allows it to be used on horizontal and vertical surfaces in any indoor application, be it bathrooms or kitchens. Ceramic, grès, porcelain, stoneware, mosaic, or natural stone – CE 60 is a great choice for almost any material. 

Thanks to its innovative formula, CE 60 delivers superior grout appearance and durability. It’s 100% color stability, exceptional stain resistance and high stain resistance make it the perfect choice for modern design solutions that last.


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Golden Tips for Application

It's not only a new product, but a new class of products. Use on epoxy float, with short motions, leaving almost no product on the tiles.

Apply the grout in small amounts, focusing on the joins and not distributing the product on the tile itself.    

In order to avoid grout residues remainning on the tiles, start to clean up immediately or no longer than 10 minutes after application.

Never add water to CE 60. Make sure to properly mix the product either by hand, or by mixer and squeeze out any liquid from the foil into the bucket before mixing.

Apply grout over a small surface, profile, clean and move on.

Avoid wetting the sponge too much, as excessive water might damage the product

Cold water makes the binding process longer. Profiling is easier with warm water!

To create a clean tile surface free of any residues, make sure to use fresh water for the second cleaning.

If there's residue on the tiles one hour after cleaning, moisten it with hot, not boiling water, leave for a few minutes and clean again.

We have prepared a video detailing all aspects of working with CE 60. The more you know the better you work!

Step by step

preparation & mixing

Thoroughly clean the tile edges of any dirt, remove any plastic spacers. The joints must be empty through the entire depth of the tiles. Remove any residues of adhesives mortar form between the tiles. After opening the CE 60 package, remove the protective foil. Keep the protective foil to secure the product after use. It is recommended that you briefly mix the grout, manually or mechanically, to obtain uniform texture. Once mixed, the grout is ready to use. Do not add water. 


Apply the grout with a hard rubber float. Carefully work the mixed compound into the spaces between the tiles. It is recommended that you scoop small amounts of the material onto the float. Immediately after application, remove leftover material from the surface of the tiles. It is recommended that you apply the grout in vertical lines covering the entire height of the cladding to prevent flooding the unfilled joints while washing off.


The area of the surface to be grouted should be selected for initial washing immediately, or no later than 10 minutes after the application. Washing should be carried out using a damp tiling sponge. First, moisten the entire surface with a sponge (or spray the surface) and then remove the grout residue from the surface of the tiles. Use as little water as possible to avoid damaging the product.

Final washing should be carried out as early as one hour, but no later than 24 hours, after grouting the entire surface. Use a damp tiling sponge. Depending on the type of tiles, the surface may be washed again on the second day after the application. Then, use a clean sponge and hot but not boiling water to wash off the dirt from the surface of the cladding. For application between matt tiles, it is recommended that you moisten the surface with a damp (but not wet) sponge before applying the grout.

Storing & Reuse

Use the protective foil to cover any leftover material in the bucket and close the bucket tightly. Use all of the material before the expiry date.