Features and Benefits

Special Cleaner for removing grout stain, residues and soiling from all types of ceramic tiles and natural stones


  • Concentrate – Highly efficient
  • Removes hardened materials and clean deeply the dirt
  • For cleaning a wide range of different types of soiling
  • Can be used also on delicate surfaces like honed ceramic, glass and all types of natural stones

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Ceresit CE 51 Epoxyclean can be used as an undiluted detergent for effective removing stains and residues left by using Ceresit UltraEpoxy Premium CE 79 and UltraEpoxy Industrial CE 89, as well as removal of stains on polished porcelain stoneware. In addition, it can be used for cleaning application tools and resin of doing the paving work.


Use CE 51 diluted (30% water) for effective removing greasy residue, organic dirt deposited accumulated over a time and wax from all critical surfaces. Against dirt trapped into the pores of material.


Use CE 51 diluted with 30 % water for periodic cleaning on all types of surfaces characterized by intense dirt which cannot be removed by using common sold detergents.