Ceretherm Impactum

Ultimate durability and protection againts any impacts

Ultimate durability and protection against any impacts - insulation system with exceptional flexibility, strength and impressive mechanical impact resistance to 100J. Super resistant to thermal stresses, cracks or extreme weather conditions.



  • Highest impact resistance up to 100J mechanical impacts - class I exceeded 10 times
  • High resistance to hail
  • Highest flexibility
  • High resistance to thermal stresses and cracks
  • Extended coloristics options to very dark and intense colours (HBW ≥5%)
  • Highest resistance to water uptake
  • Ultimate performance and durability
  • Excellent application parameters
  • Certification ETA Ceresit Ceretherm Impactum

Recommended for:

Buildings located where the risk of mechanical impacts is high (next to schools, playgrounds, sport objects). In all cases where system’s and facade durability is the key decision criteria for choosing ETICS system; for facades in dark, deep colours

1. Fixing*

Ceresit CT 83 Adhesive Mortar, plastic anchors or anchors with a steel core classified as ETAG 014, number of fasteners and their arrangement should be determined by an architect, based on the substrate analysis and load calculations

2. Insulation material

EPS-boards classified as EN 13163, with thickness up to 42 cm

3. Reinforced layer

Ceresit CT 100 Impactum One component flexible dispersion reifnorcing compound and Ceresit CT 325 and CT 327 glass fibre meshes

Priming paint


4. Plaster**

Ceresit CT 79 Elastomeric Impactum elastomeric plaster

5. Paint**

Ceresit CT 55 Elastomeric Impactum elastomeric paint


* Optionally you can use CT81/ZS, CT82/ZU, CT 80 or CT 85

** Alternative Ceresit plasters and paints: Acrylic, Silicate-Silicone, Silicone, Silicate

Supported by technologies:

  • Extreme impact resistance

Design and colouristic pallets: