Ceretherm Popular


Reliable and popular thermal insulation system. It is an economic solution that offers proper thermal insulation properties and regular resistance to weather changing conditions.



  • Reliable insulation system
  • Weather & impact resistant
  • Economic solution
  • Resistant to biological contamination like fungi and algae
  • Certification: ETA Ceresit Ceretherm Popular


Buildings where reliable and economic ETICS is needed.

1. Fixing

Ceresit ZS/CT 81 Adhesive Mortar or Ceresit ZU /CT 82 Adhesive and Reinforcing Mortar, plastic anchors or anchors with a steel core classified as ETAG 014, number of fasteners and their arrangement should be determined by an architect, based on the substrate analysis and load calculations

2. Insulation material

EPS-boards classified as EN 13163, with thickness up to 42 cm

3. Reinforced layer

Ceresit ZU/CT 82 Adhesive and Reinforcing Mortar and Ceresit CT 325 glass fibre mesh

4. Priming paint

Ceresit CT 16 Priming paint

5. Plaster*

Ceresit CT 60, CT 63, CT 64 Acrylic Elastic, acrylic plasters

6. Paint*

Ceresit CT42 Acrylic Elastic, acrylic paint


* Alternative Ceresit plasters and paints: Mineral, Silicate-Silicone, Silicone, Silicate, Elastomeric

Supported by technologies:

  • Bio Protect Formula

Design and colouristic pallets: