Features and Benefits

For fixing Mineral Wool boards as well as for applying a thin armoured layer for thermal insulation of buildings by means of ETICS


  • high resistance to mechanical amages
  • high adhesion to mineral substrates and wool
  • resistant to scratches and cracks
  • strengthened with fibres
  • resistant to weather conditions
  • flexible
  • vapour permeable

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Ceresit CT 190 mortar is designed to warm up external walls of the buildings by application of external thermal insulation composite system using mineral wool façade boards as well as lamella. It is an element within Ceresit Ceretherm Wool insulation system (ETICS). CT 190 mortar is used for fixing of mineral wool façade boards and for applying the reinforcing protection layer to insulate the newly constructed objects as well as older buildings to be thermo-renovated.

Step By Step

CT 190 should be poured into the measured amount of cool clean water and stirred with the drill by means of a mixer until the homogenous mass is obtained without lumps.

(1) Fixing thermal insulation boards: The ready mortar should be applied with a trowel along the board edge forming a strip of 3-4 cm wide and a few spots with the diameter of approx. 8 cm.  Immediately, the board should be pressed to the wall with a few slight blows of a long float. The boards should be fixed tightly one at the other in one surface with the preservation of "brick like manner" of vertical connection. Let dry for 3 days. (2) Armoured layer application: The ready mortar of 3-4 cm-thick layer should be spread along the surface of the boards by means of a smooth long steel float. The glass fibre mesh should be applied on the fresh mortar (with 10-cm overlaps), and then the second 1-2cm-thick layer should be applied and smoothed evenly so that the glass fibre mesh should not be visible.