Features and Benefits

Priming paint

Silicate dispersion composition of potassium and acrylic to prime the substrates for thin layer silicate plasters, putties and paint coats


  • Easier application of plasters
  • Higher adhesion of the plaster to the substrate
  • Waterproof
  • Very good covering
  • To apply with a roller or brush
  • Ready to use

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Ceresit CT 15 facilitates the application of thin layer silicate plasters and renderings inside and outside the buildings. It is recommended for priming the armoured layers within Ceresit Ceretherm ETICS (External Thermal Insulation Composite Systems) and traditional plasters. The paint CT 15 can be applied to the surfaces of chipboards, gypsum cardboards, gypsum plasters, all types of concrete and strong paint coats. Priming the substrate with the paint CT 15 considerably decreases its absorption, which prevents from too fast drying of the applied products. The fi ne aggregates included in CT 15 make the primed surfaces rough and scratch resistant. As the surface is expanded, it increases the adhesion of the plasters, putties and paints. This product has strong coating properties and makes the substrate efficiently homogenous, thus preventing from any formation of stains on the coloured silicate plasters. Ceresit CT 14 or CT 17 should be used for reinforcing the surface of the absorptive substrates.

Step By Step

The content of the packing should be stirred. Neither rusty containers nor tools should be used.

Do not dilute the paint! There is recommended to apply one even layer CT 15 using roller or brush. Drying time is approx.

3 hours. Tools and fresh stains should be washed with water.