Features and Benefits

Two-component chemical-resistant epoxy mortar for installation and grouting of tiles and mosaics with joint width 1 to 15 mm. Ideal for industry, public places and heavy traffic.


Combines the strength of the Epoxy (more than 10x stronger and more resistant to pressure and abrasion than conventional grout) with the easiness of cementitious grout.


  • Available in many uniform colors (high color stability)
  • Waterproof
  • Extremely easy application and cleaning
  • Excellent resistance to chemical and mechanical attack
  • No shrinkage and no cracks
  • Available in 6 colors

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Ceresit CE 79 ULTRAEPOXY Industrial is designed to be used in heavy-duty areas that are subject to high chemical and mechanical stresses. Ideally suited for installing and grouting ceramic coverings in areas exposed to aggressive substances or mechanical attack, in indoor and outdoor areas. Ideal for high traffic zones and areas exposed to heavy machines as factories, industry, shopping malls and stores. It is also recommended for permanently wet areas and brackish water, swimming pools, pubs, car washes, etc. Ceresit CE 79 ULTRAEPOXY Industrial is available in 6 colors.

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    Step by step

    Step 1- Mixing

    Add the content of the bottle B (hardener) to component A (resin) in the bucket and mix with a low speed electric drill and stirrer until the mixture is completely free of lumps.

    Step 2 - Application as a tile adhesive

    Ceresit ULTRAEPOXY is applied directly from the mixing container and spread with a notch trowel in the same easy way as cementitious material.

    Step 3 - Application as a grout

    Apply the mixed compound with an epoxy grout float into the clean, dry joints. Make sure the joints are filled without any voids. Afterwards remove any excess material by skimming it diagonally off the tile surface with the grout float.

    Step 4 - Cleaning and finishing

    The grout work must be cleaned and finished while the product is still wet. Use a common wet sponge with any water temperature.

    Step 5 - Cleaning with EpoxyCleaN

    For the easy removal of any stains or residues left 24h after the use of Ceresit ULTRAEPOXY, use Ceresit CE 51 EpoxyClean as a special cleaner.

    Application Video