Features and Benefits

Alternative sealing for waterproofing


  • Waterproof according EN14891 CM02 ( -20°C)
  • 2-component product
  • Flexible & fast curing
  • Ready to use after 5 hours
  • Crack-bridging
  • For indoor and outdoor use

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Alternative sealing for waterproofing bathrooms, swimming pools, terraces, balconies etc in combination with waterproof flexible sealing products, e.g. CL 152, CL 82 - CL 87 under ceramic tile coverings

Step by step

Preparation & mixing

Check that the substrate is dry, solid, load-bearing, dimensionally stable and clean, free of substances which can cause separation (e.g. separating agents, loose particles, dust, efflorescence, dirt). If needed, prime them with CT 17, CT 19 or CN 94. Refer to the Technical Data Sheet! CL 50 Super Express consists of 2 components. First pour the pasty liquid into a bucket, then add the powder and stir with a slow-rotating stirrer until the mixture is completely free of lumps. Leave the mixture to mature for 5 minutes, then mix it again so that a spreadable consistency is achieved. A brushable consistency can be achieved by adding approx. 2 % of water (0.2 litres on 10 kg).

Application - first layer

Spread the CL 50 evenly over the entire surface with a flat brush or paste brush. For producing a waterproof protection layer it is necessary to apply two sealing coats with a total dry layer thickness of at least 2.0 mm (check local regulations for minimum thickness). Expansion and edge joints must be sealed off with CL 152 or CL 82 Sealing Tape, for wall connections and floor drains use Ceresit Wall and Floor Sealing Collars.

Application - second layer

After approx. half an hour, visible by a change in colour, the second layer of CL 50 can be applied by using a trowel or brush. Approx. 1.5 hours after application of the second coat, the surface is ready for covering with a certified adhesive mortar, e.g CM 29 or CM 17.