Features and Benefits

Silicate paint

Hydrophobic, vapour permeable paint for buildings’ façades and interiors


  • High vapour permeable
  • High resistant to damage and cleaning
  • Weather conditions resistant
  • Stability of colour
  • BioProtect formula – resistant to the development of fungus, algae and mould
  • Available in full palette of Ceresit Colours of Nature®

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Ceresit CT 54 is used for painting façades and interiors (walls and ceilings). It can be applied on the mineral substrates: concrete, cement plasters, lime–cement plasters and lime plasters.The paint is permanently bound with the substrate as a result of chemical reactions. It is highly recommended to paint new plasters because it allows for starting the painting work immediately, without any threats that the alkaline reaction of the fresh substrate may damage the paint coat.This paint can be used for painting Ceresit: CT 34, CT 35 and CT 137 mineral plasters, as well as Ceresit: CT 72, CT 73 silicate plasters and Ceresit: CT 174 and CT 175 silicate-silicone ones applied on traditional substrates and within Ceresit ETICS (External Thermal Insulation Composite Systems). Owing to no flammability and excellent vapour permeability, CT 54 is recommended in case of Ceresit WM system, in which the insulation materials are mineral wool boards. The exposure of the façade to the sun causes dangerous tensions, therefore dark colours should be used only on small areas, e.g. architectural details. It cannot be used on acrylic and non-mineral paint coatings.BioProtect formula is effective and durable protection of facade form biological paralyses, e.g. fungus, mould and algae. Due to special capsules with biocide agent, releasing of substances is under control and ensures long lasting effect.