Features and Benefits

Winter additive for wet plasters & paints

Accelerating additive for binding and drying of plaster coatings and paints in the conditions of low temperatures


  • Enables conducting works in low
  • Temperature and high air humidity
  • Easy to use
  • Neutral for other materials properties

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Additive to thin-coat acrylic plasters (CT 60, CT 63, CT 64), silicone-silicate plasters (CT 174, CT 175), silicone plasters (CT 74, CT 75) and priming paints (CT 15, CT 16) and acrylic paints (CT 42, CT 44), silicone paints (CT 48, CT 49). It accelerates binding and drying of Ceresit plasters and paints in conditions of low temperature and high air humidity. The additive enables conducting works in the late autumn and early spring periods, when the temperature at night drops below zero. Application of Ceresit products should take place when the air and ground temperatures are above zero and the fall of the temperature below zero is permissible after 6-8 hours after finishing application.

Step by step

Winter additives are easy and convenient to use – they are just to be added to Ceresit Ceretherm system’s products in a simple mixing ratio (1 pkg : 1 pkg for adhesives, mortars and plasters or 1 pkg : 0,5 pkg for priming paints and façade paints)